Covid response

Covid Response

We will be opening our cafe and campsite on the Friday the 16th April 2021, in line with the recent government guidance.

Between Friday 16th April and 17th May 2021 our campsite will be open but for camping customers who are able to provide 'self contained accommodation' in line with the recent Government announcement. Please note that no elements of our shared communal facilities will be able to open.

The cafe will be open during this time and offering a take away menu and outside seating will be available.

From 17th May 2021 (subject to government guidance) the cafe will open for indoor dining and shared communal facilities will be available for our campsite guests to use. 

With the health and safety of our customers and staff a priority from the onset, our new and spacious café and campsite have been set up to provide a safe environment for our visitors. 

Our plans for a safe opening:


  • A safe ordering system will be in place offering table service and a screen has been put up at the order point.

  • The Bulli Thorn will undergo a strict decontamination and sterilisation process before opening. This will continue once fully opened on a regular basis.

  • Hand washing or sanitising stations will be provided at all entrances across our site for visitors. 

  • Organising the layout of the café and staffing rotas to reduce the number of guests and staff in any one area.

  • Mandatory spacing will be enforced, ensuring your table is away from others, however you will be free to choose how closely you would like to sit next to your guests.

  • All doors and windows will be open where possible to improve ventilation.

  • Enhanced procedures and training for our staff regarding hygiene and health surveillance.


Our Staff

  • All of our staff will ensure their hands are washed/sanitised upon leaving their house and immediately upon arrival at work.

  • All staff will be reminded of the importance of checking for symptoms of Covid-19 before working and will be sent home if any are detected.

  • All team members will wash and sanitise their hands at no more than fifteen minute intervals OR at least every fifteen minutes.

  • Our staff will refrain from physical contact with each other where possible and where not deemed necessary for their employment.

  • Staff will not be permitted to share food or drinks at all.

  • No use of mobile phones will be permitted for personal use whilst at work. 

  • All staff who use a computer, keyboard, mouse or phone in any form for the purpose of work will be required to sanitise each of the listed items before and after use each day.

  • Staff will be wearing a protective apron.

  • All high touch points will be wiped down with sanitiser spray in accordance with strict cleaning protocols that have been set up. This includes door handles, push pads, tables, chairs, toilet & shower facilities, till systems, PDQ machines and fridges.

  • Checklists will be in place to ensure all staff adhere to cleaning protocols.

  • All camping pods will be cleaned in accordance with strict protocols between changeovers.

  • Staff will be given sufficient time to carry out their cleaning protocols.

Whilst visiting The Bull i Thorn

  • Our staff are here to help you and provide you with an enjoyable experience whilst visiting. We have taken comprehensive measures across our site to ensure that both you and our staff can enjoy working and visiting with complete confidence that all safety measures and good practices have been implemented.

  • We will offer contactless payment points at the café and for checking in to the campsite with your pitch number and check in details being emailed to you prior to arrival.

Set Up and Standards

  • Wooden menu boards will be available for some items and wipe-able laminate menus will be provided.

  • All Menus will be available online.

  • All Cutlery will be sanitised prior to your table being laid and single use napkins will be provided in the café. 

Any further questions

 If you wish to contact us please email us We hope you and your families are continuing to stay safe and well, and look forward to welcoming you to The Bull i Thorn very soon.