We are committed to operating in an environmentally responsible and sustainable manner. We recognise the importance of reducing our ecological footprint and contributing positively to our community. Our sustainability policy outlines our commitment to various areas of environmental and social responsibility. 

1. Energy Efficiency:
We strive to minimise energy consumption by implementing energy-efficient lighting, appliances, and heating/cooling systems.
Regular maintenance of equipment will be conducted to ensure optimal energy performance.
Plans to implement a solar electricity scheme are in progress.

2. Waste Reduction and Recycling:

We have implemented a comprehensive waste management system, including clear labelling for recycling and composting bins. Using only local companies for all our waste management.
Single-use plastics are being minimised, and alternatives like biodegradable or reusable items will be our preferred choice.
Food waste will be minimised through portion control, and we encourage customers to take leftovers home via recyclable containers.
All waste oil is collected by a local company and recycled for other uses.

3. Sustainable Sourcing:
We prioritise sourcing locally produced food and beverages to support local farmers and reduce transportation emissions. Only if the product is unavailable or not of sufficient quality will we use any produce that is not locally sourced.

View of pub exterior across fields
Plants outside the pub

​4. Water Conservation:
We endeavour to reduce water consumption by implementing water-saving fixtures and promoting responsible water usage among staff and patrons.
We offer our guests tap water via table service as a way of reducing plastic pollution.
Regular checks for leaks and proper maintenance of plumbing systems will are monitored and performed.

5. Menu Management:
Our menu features a huge variety of vegetarian and vegan options to promote sustainable and ethical eating. We cater and welcome those with any dietary requirement needs.
Ingredients are chosen with consideration for seasonality and environmental impact.

6. Community Engagement:

We actively participate in local community initiatives, events, and charitable activities that promote sustainability and environmental awareness.
Collaborations with local food providers are a priority and we educate our patrons on where the food has been sourced from.

​7. Staff Training:
All staff members are educated about our sustainability policies and practices to ensure consistent implementation.
Regular training sessions are conducted to keep the team informed about updates and best practices.

8. Continuous Improvement:
We regularly review and assess our sustainability practices, seeking opportunities for improvement.
Feedback from staff and customers is encouraged, valued and considered when making changes to our sustainability initiatives.

9. Communication:
Our sustainability efforts are transparent and communicated to customers through various channels, such as our website, social media, and in-house materials.

10. Monitoring and Reporting:
We have measurable goals and track key performance indicators related to energy usage, waste reduction, and other sustainability metrics.

Outdoor dining and stretch tent
View of teepee tents through the trees

The future

As a newly launched business, we are beginning our sustainability journey and have a long way to go. Over the next 6-12 months, we will look at ways to improve and progress the sustainability practices listed above alongside developing our long-term strategy to minimise the environmental impact and promote a more sustainable future for The Bull I’ Th’ Thorn. We invite our patrons, staff, and community members to join us on this journey towards a greener and more responsible operation.