At the Bull I’Th’ Thorn, we are committed to creating a welcoming environment for all individuals that is welcoming, accessible and inclusive. We try to accommodate the diverse needs of our customers to the best of our abilities so our visitors can enjoy their experience with us.

Accessibility Statement

Accessible Spaces

During the renovation process, we have made efforts to create a physically accessible space at the Bull I’Th’ Thorn; whilst working within the constraints of an old building. This includes providing the following facilities and services to provide accessible spaces:

  • Dedicated accessible parking spaces
  • Providing access ramps if needed 
  • Offering full table service to customers 
  • Providing an accessible bathroom
  • Sensory story about the Bull I' Th' Thorn 

Read our Sensory Story

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Accessibility Champion

We understand that accessibility is essential and are actively exploring opportunities to provide and improve accessibility. We have a dedicated Accessibility Champion and encourage individuals with specific requirements to contact us in advance, and we can discuss ways we can assist you during your visit.

Contact Our Accessibility Champion

Team Training and Development

We train our staff members to provide an attentive and respectful service to all visitors, regardless of their abilities. We are always happy to offer assistance with seating requests and access where required to enhance any visitor experience.

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Continuous Improvement

As a newly established business, we are committed to ensuring that everyone feels welcome and comfortable whilst at the Bull I’ Th’ Thorn and we will actively seek opportunities to enhance accessibility as we continue.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions, concerns or specific requests. We are dedicated to accommodating the needs of all of our customers to the best of our abilities and look forward to serving you with warmth and hospitality.